Sunday, December 26, 2010

# The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter

Hello Beauties....dah lame plan rase x post pasal product review kn...hmmm, this time aku nk review psl one of my fav. body butter....actually aku pnh try body butter from this brand only and i'm loving it....before this aku dh try their Strawberry Body Butter but this time aku review bout Passion Fruit Body Butter....the scent so so nice...very sweet gak...the price is  RM59 if i'm not mistaken for 200ml (biggest size). for me mmg worth skin jenis dry but since pakai this cream mmg dh x kering like before....suke2....hehehehe....texture a bit melekit tp no problem with me sbb trase sgt moist...bau gak bleh tahan smpi, x perlu la kejap2 nk sapu lg, for those yg jenis dry skin cam aku especially bhgn siku, lutut & kaki bleh la try this body butter yea...

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