Wednesday, November 17, 2010

# NYX Ultimate Pearl Shadow

Hye again...remember x aku pnh inform yg aku ade join NYX Bundle Sale middle of this year...Ni dh lame baru aku nk post bout the products...hehehe...

As u all can see, sume skali ade 17 pcs tp during shipping ade 1 yg pecah...x silap color yg pecah tu Silver Pearl...huhuh....x silap aku spent around RM130+ for all 17 pieces...hmm...rasenye quite worth it cuz kalo u all beli satu2 will be much more expensive....huhuhu...below some swathes wif UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Portion) as base ;)

The color was sheer but always e/s from NYX mmg my fav...and also tahan lame gak....easy to work with sbb x, utk sape2 yg baru nk blaja makeup pn senang nk apply their e/s, x comot...skali sapu je dh melekat kat eyelid u all...for me drpd spent RM5 tp kene apply byk kali & result yg x memuaskn better spent a bit more utk bende yg elok & jimat gak sbnrnye cuz tahan lame...some NYX e/s yg aku pakai byk kali pn cam x terusik je nmpk...hehehe....i fav color from this collection is Purple Pearl, Gold Pearl, Green Eye Pearl, Lime Pearl & Ocean Pearl...(^^,)

a bit for coming  post...yesss bout my NYX Single Eyeshadow...i need more time to do all the, tunggu~~~~

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