Sunday, May 23, 2010

# Ready Stock NYX Cosmetics

Hello beauties....dah lame x m'update blog bangat pindah umah....dh byk pending review & haul yg aku nk post tp x sempat2...huhu...btw, as u all know aku dh announce pasal NYX cosmetics yg aku decided nk jual so that u all pn bleh try gak & confirm akan fall in love trus ngan product ni...hehehe....camne blh t'pk nk jual??? actually ade few readers yg tanye camne nk dptkn NYX cosmetics ni, aku pn decided nk share la ngan u all sume...all items are READY STOCK, if stock available u all akan dpt dlm mase seminggu je...FYI, all NYX items yg aku ade sume tunggu lame sgt nk smpi M'sia ni...some maybe x sabar2 kn... so, now u all x payah la tunggu lame2 cam aku..yeay~~~~

the products super best....kalo u all x caye bleh tgk there are lots of people review pasal product ni....dr lipstck, eyesadow, blusher sume got good feedback...the price also not bad...affordable....some said NYX ni MAC version murah..the quality even can be compared with MAC especially the Single Eyeshadow...choices of colors also super cun...u all pn bleh tgk my personal review under label NYX from this blog...for more tutorial using NYX u all blh surf kat YouTube...there tons of tutorial videos using this brand...

so, for those yg interested can view our Picasa album or YM (id:adek_yana) or email ( me to know more about this...really appreciate u guys punye support...:)

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